The Psychology Of Gift Giving And Happiness

The Psychology Of Gift Giving And Happiness – Perfect Gift ideas In 2020

Lets Discuss About The Psychology Behind Gift Giving . Man Is Social Living Being ,Who Discovered That Giving Gifts Are Best Way To Express Our Feelings And Gratitude For Someone. It’s One Of The Most Important Backbones Of Cultural Society.

“Expressing gratitude to others is a gift to them. Experiencing gratitude is a gift to yourself ”   – Michael Josephson

We Are Very Much Inclined On Giving Gifts , Almost On All Occasions Like Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Marriages Or Casual. The Gifts We Select For Someone, Reflects Our Personality And Bond Strength. That Is Why It Becomes Important To Select A Unique Gift. So That We Can Offer Positive Vibes To Reciever.Being Careful Becomes Pretty Much Important In Gift Selection, Becuase A Wrong Gift Selection Can Lead To Embarrassment to Both Parties.

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The Psychology Behind Gift Giving

Many Types of research Proved That, Humans Feel Satisfaction While Presenting Something To Others. So As A Social Creature, We Tend To Make A Connection Of Love, By Showing The Gratitude. Giving Gifts Shows Your Feelings Directly, On The Fact That How Much Important Is the Other Person In Your Life. So It Offers Pleasure To Both Parties. The Type Of Gift People Offer Also Depends On Gender, Becuase The Male Psychology Looks Practically Or Usefulness Of The Gift in Daily Life , Like A Washing Machine. On The Other Hand, Women’s Psychology Can Be More Inclined On the Sentiments Of the Gift. But What’s More Important is, Gifts Should Be Selfless, It Doesn’t Matter What Receiver Unwraps, They Should Feel Your Noble Intention To Make Them Happy. As Long As This Box Ticked Correctly, the Rest of Things Doesn’t Matter.

Why Is It Important To Give Gifts

Let’s Discuss Some Important Expect, Why Giving Gifts Are Important.

1.Happiness And Joy

Giving Gifts To Others, lets You Feel Special. Its A Proven Fact That People Feels Better About Themself And Others After Following the Gift Giving Practices. May Be That’s The Reason Almost All Cultural And Religions Follows This Practice.

2.More Stronger Relationship

When We Offer Gifts To Someone, It Gives Them Direct Intervention Of Our Feelings. So They Seem To Be More Positively Attracted Towards Us.It’s Not Because, Of the Materialistic Approach or Monetary Gains, The Cost Of Gift Doesn’t Actually Matter, Its The Sentiment Which is More Pressing Concern.

3. To Wish Best Of Luck On Any New Life Experience

In Some Cultures Specially In Asia, People Give Gifts To Newly Engaged Couple, Or Someone Starting A New Business. The Main Idea Behind Is To Assure Them, You Are With Them In This New Journey.It Works As a Moral Support For Them. Receiver Feels More Confident About Their Actions And Decisions Due To It .

4. To Help Others

Sometimes People Give Gift To Help Someone, For Example , Giving Bicycle to A Poor Boy , Or Submitting Things In A Charitable Event.The Main Concept Is That We Feel Delighted Naturally.Because Our Mind Releases Happiness Causing Chemicals. So Directly or Indirectly These Things Motivates Us To Give Gifts to Others.

5. For Monetary or Non-Monteray Gains

From Ancient Times, Kings And Queens Used To Follow Up this Psychology. They Gift Items Of Abundant Amount to Other Kingdoms Strategically, So That They Can Get Other Items Of Sacracity In Return As A Gift From Them.



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